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Based on all of our experiences with our customers, we offer you this scheme for guiding a Data strategy.
Explore for yourself or let yourself be guided by the themes.
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  • Governance
    & Community

    Lead and manage
    a business intelligence project

    Profile: Project Team
  • Architecture
    & Data

    Integrate and give access
    to data

    Profile: IT Team
  • Visualize
    & Analyze

    Leverage and share
    your Data

    Profile: Business Users
  • Model
    & Predict

    Produce advances
    analytical models

    Profile: Data Scientist
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  • Governance & Community
  • Architecture & Data
  • Visualize and Analyze
  • Model & Predict
  • Contact us
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  • The beginning of your approach relies on a clear definition of your data strategy and how it is made available. Where is it stored? How can access it and how? This stage aims to help you elaborate a clear strategy that enables you to implement your project on the right footing.

  • It is essential to identify different user types and their roles in your project. Some will play a crucial part, others will consume the content you create. Your project success depends, among other things, on your definition and assignment of these roles.

  • All data projects begin with the identification of a business scenario or a dataset that can yield a use-case or a hypothesis that we can test and prove. We are here to support you during this initial phase.

  • This stage helps you to determine business rules and the datasets that will enable you to compute your KPIs, thereby specifying the next stages of your project.

  • Beginning with identifying solutions on the market that can help you solve your business problems, then implementing the environments and platforms that can host them, this stage aims to implement the optimal technical solution for your project.

  • Once a use case has been validated in the previous stage, we assist you in defining and building algorithms and machine learning models to test the value of your scenario.

  • We help you to implement the visualization of your KPIs in a Dashboard / Storyboard / Report, designed in partnership with your technologial solution.

  • Automation of data integration workflows between your technical solutions and yout data sources, to build a solution that is both self-sufficient and sustainable.

  • This stage is dedicated to proving your model's value in the long term by industrializing the process through optimization and automation.

  • Here our experienced consultants support and assist you in delivering your visual content that help you meet your requirements.

  • This stage focuses on creating, modelling and feeding data into a data warehouse (on premises or hosted), which will become your single point of truth for your queries, analyses and visualizations.

  • Operational Go-Live of the delivered content, and sharing with identified key contacts within the organization.

  • We enable you to establish the processes whereby the visual content and data published within your organization will allow your users to identify trustworthy content and easily navigate the data platform.

  • We offer maintenance support, coaching and flexible development available at short notice, that adapts to your needs.

  • Increase your skill level with training that allows you to gain more knowledge around the solutions we provide and open new doors to you and your organization becoming more data-driven.

  • Creation of an internal and/or external platform allowing the publishin of projects and content on a large scale.

  • Develop and lead an internal community dedicated to your data projects so you may share data visualization best practices.

  • In house internal event that facilitates and fosters sharing among your data project teams.

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